Tight End Lace up Jock


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Lace up Football Jock Low Rise Swimmer Band Tight End.
SWIMMER/LOWRISE STYLE LACE UP FOOTBALL JOCKSTRAP – available in an array of color for ever team you’re playing for on or off the field get ready to be tackled in our lace up football jock.Uniform inspired details make this jock great for code, uniform, or gear night.
1 1/4” Plush soft underside waistband with white trim and laces for soft comfortable feel against the skin.
Soft, contoured, ventilated, cotton knit pouch made of Polyester- 5% Elastane-5% for breathability and comfort.
The double stitch helm secure snug fit keeping those footballs in and in play.
Coated nickel eyelets matching laces finish off the style and pull the look together. Pull’em tight for an uplifting look and fit or keep them loose for sexy revealing look.
Soft and sturdy 1” leg straps color coordinated to compliment the piping and panel offers up superior lift and support while shaping out that full back butt!.


Black, Blue, Red, GREEN, White


S, M, L, XL

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